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Inspired by Rubik Cube, we believe that all problems in business are multi-dimensional, structured, and require strong algorithm to solve.

We are based in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore having core competency in Microsoft technology and taking critical focus on HealthCare, Education and BFSI domain. Our development center is situated in the heart of the city from where our dedicated team of IT professionals delivers state of the art technological solutions, boasting a modern infrastructure facility in tune with the requirement of current time. Our core group along with our promoters has been actively involved in IT services for more than a decade and has been instrumental in carrying out many prestigious projects to success in their capacity as flag bearer of their previous concerns. Together we have more than 1000 man months of experience in delivering world class and satisfactory software solutions to clients worldwide. The team is inspired and motivated by the design of Rubik Cube, which forces us to imagine, and create a solution based on the multi-dimensional nature of the problem and mandates us to apply structure and discipline with patience to create a structured, scientific and sustainable solutions in the best optimal cost, and time.